leaving home…

Finish this sentence:

“I never leave home without __________.”

Also, my 21st birthday is in 21 days. 🙂 If you REALLY must buy me something, see the Amazon wishlist on the right. haha.

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  1. Eric: you DO need someone to take care of you, cuz you obviously can’t do it yourself. hahaha. 😀

    Dan: I…have nothing to say to that. I keep laughing every time I remember that.

    Andrew: WHY?! hehe.

  2. bill withers.


    forgetting something and having to turn back.

    asking myself “where the heck did i park last night?”

    in that order.

  3. *signifies approval of the use of asterisks to denote action by staring off into the distance wisely-as all sage people are wont to do- while holding trusty buffalo-poking stick at a casual but ready position, should any large shaggy bovine wander too close*

    *hair blows in wind, tumbleweed tumbles by, sun sets*

    *gaze turns thoughtfully to Shannon and his Ruckus, and even more thoughtfully to Andrew and Sholeh’s conversation concerning the casual/metaphysical relationship between his tears and abstract philosophical construct, and still more thoughtfully to Kari with Bill Withers and 2pac in tow*

  4. *The Ruckus Thoughtfully regards Dan, and in doing so contradicts its nature. It evaporates in an embarased ~POOF~*

  5. *stares in amazment that one can denote action within action (metadenotation, if you will) with tildes. ~jackasses shan~ *