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I haven’t spent much time working on my blog in the last few months, but for the last few days I was feeling like some small changes were needed.

1. I now have gravatar functionality set up. Go to this post…you can see pictures by some of the comments. Those individuals have set it up (very easy!) so that their picture shows up on sites when they comment.

2. I’ve also added the ability to subscribe to specific comment threads, so you can receive emails when someone adds a comment after yours. It is at the bottom of the comment box.

3. There is now a little badge in the sidebar that indicates that I’ve joined the Baha’i Web Development Network. As stated on the site: “The Baha’i Web Development Network is a social network for Baha’is to encourage and learn from each other about using communications technology to serve the Baha’i Faith.”

4. At the bottom of each post is now a button that allows people to share the post on a variety of sites.

Finally, I’ve updated my links page, About me page, and cleaned up the sidebar a little bit.

Any suggestions? I’m always looking for new ideas, so feel free to comment.

(Thanks to Ramin for helping iron out some of the bugs for me.)


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