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Overheard in Chicago

“Hey man, you gotta wipe the prints.  They find the prints, you’re going to get caught.  You gotta wipe the prints!”

-young man on the phone, crossing the street at State and Randolph, downtown Chicago.

hahahaha, yeah, that was weird.  And oh, I’m back.  Sorry about the problems with the site, all fixed now (thanks, webmaster!).


9 thoughts on “Overheard in Chicago

  1. Oh – that, and my machine having died for close to a month. Bad coincidental timing.

  2. Figured you hadn’t gone that far. People temporarily disappear from the blogosphere for many reasons. I’ll just let the police know that you’ve been found and that everything is all right.

    Re the State & Randolph quote: Ah, yes. Welcome back to “civilization.”

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