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Functional earrings

I wore these earrings today, which I bought a year ago:

They’re metal and quite heavy. I walked over to a table at lunch where several of my friends were sitting. The guys immediately noticed the earrings and starting discussing what they looked like (gongs, apparently, or palm fronds). The conversation then turned into a list of all of the things that should be made into earrings.

Triangle (ding ding! Dinner’s ready, folks!)
Grandfather clock
measuring tape
pepper spray
dental floss
ear warmers
pez dispensers
mp3 players
digital billboards
tv screens
satellite dishes


5 thoughts on “Functional earrings

  1. Haha! I’ll take a pez dispenser, a grandfather clock, a tambourine, ears, pepper spray, mp3 player, measuring tape and tv screens in that order.

    Great list. May I add to it?

    Q-tips, screwdriver, pocket knife, lip gloss, eyeliner, concealer, compass, radio, ham radio transmitter, flashlight, rain poncho, ear plugs, umbrella, hot chocolate.

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