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Before this past weekend, I had never been camping.  I’ve been to cabins, lots of road trips, and so many hotels I can’t even count anymore.  But somehow I missed out on the camping thing.  We had nine people and camped out on the shore of the Dead Sea.  Some highlights from the trip:

  • Circles around the roundabout in Arad…and other misadventures.  We had two cars, so were following each other…which sometimes caused hilarious situations when people were trying to figure out where to go.   Thank God for cell phones.
  • Setting up two tents in the dark.
  • A band of 60 people showing up at around 11 pm and setting up camp around us.  There were Arabs with kerosene lamps playing loud music, and Filipinos chattering away and singing along to the stereo system they brought.  None of us slept very well.  At one point, around 4 am, I ended up walking around because I couldn’t sleep.
  • 6:30 am wakeup call by some of my fellow campers who decided that they wanted breakfast.  I woke up to a cheerful voice saying “Time to wake up and start the day!”  My response was unintelligible.  🙂
  • Floating in the Dead Sea…I definitely need to go at least one more time before I leave Israel.
  • Hiking around Masada.  Wow.
  • Amazing dinner in Hertzliya at an Asian-style restaurant.


4 thoughts on “Camping

  1. It was my first time camping resently too! I never understood people when they got all excited about camping, until now! I had an amazing time. You sound like you had an amazing time as well.. in front of the dead sea!!!! That sounds sooo super great! Did you feel all the hidden scratches you had on your body from the salt?!?

  2. Wow….your life sounds pretty swell, my friend. But, I can’t help but notice that this post doesn’t include your verdict on camping. Did you enjoy it? Eh?

  3. I did enjoy it, but we were so close to civilization that I hesitate to say that I’ve had a complete camping experience. Someday…

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