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The first news is that my father’s newest book, Blueprint for a New World, has just been published from George Ronald, and I am reading it right now.  I helped type and proofread, but in random chapters, so it is nice to read all the way through.  His first book, On the Shoulders of Giants, is about the harmony of science and religion, and his second book, Thinking Strategically is about…well, the title is pretty self evident.


The European Baha’i Business Forum (EBBF) has an excellent blog.  Resources, news, and networking, covering a wide range of subjects and fields.  Check it out!  Also, their annual conference is coming up at the end of September in the Netherlands.


This article from the Jerusalem Post caught my eye:

“The site is part of diplomatic efforts to educate the Iranian people about the Jewish state, “who have been purposely distanced from information about Israel, and fed lies and hatred by the Iranian regime.” The site, called Hamdami (“clarity” in Persian), can be found at https://hamdami.com. “


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  1. Somehow I think I knew in the back of my mind that your dad had written a book, but I had no idea that he had written two and was on a third! Serious kudos to him! (And to you for assisting with the editing! Can’t wait to read it!)

  2. Sholeh,
    I didn’t know your father was an author. His latest book looks quite interesting. I really would like to read it. 🙂 oh and I have an idea, you and I should have a cooking and reading session! What do you say???

  3. i saw that book at the louhelen bookstore last week. i said, ‘hey, i know that name’. i wanna reeead it.

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