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More random pieces of life in Haifa

1. Junk mail is just as bad here as in the USA. Walking into my apartment building, it was like an advertising blizzard had struck the foyer.

2. I’ve never had a taxi driver try to cheat me here…until the last two weeks. I was at the hotel a lot with my family, and sometimes I would catch a taxi by the hotel. Never again. I got into AT LEAST 3 shouting matches with taxi drivers…to the point of making them pull over and getting out.

3. I love that the girls are wearing these flowers in their hair…it feels so tropical.


5 thoughts on “More random pieces of life in Haifa

  1. Wear’em on both sides, and keep’em all guessin’.

    Shouting matches, eh. But you seem far too sweet to strafe someone with high decibel reproaches.

  2. We wore plumeria (only we called them frangipani) and other flowers in Samoa all the time, both in our hair and behind our ears. And I just loved it. 🙂

    (Shokufeh, thank you for stating which is which in Hawaii! I could never keep track while we were living in Samoa and I assume that it’s the same in both places!)

  3. no such designations here, but that is really good to know!

    I don’t need to shout to make myself heard…haha.

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