Lincoln Park Zoo Greenhouse

There were voices coming out of the ferns! Seriously. Turns out it was some kind of “art”, but I was seriously disturbed for a little while there.

For some reason, this picture looks like something from a sci-fi novel. Florescent fish! (read the dictionary definition, I spelled it wrong on purpose.)

Twilight Zone, yeah.

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The Opera

One of my roommates performed at the Lyric Opera’s “Don Giovanni”. She gave me a ticket to see it last week.



The opera house is amazing. I had never been there before.

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moving boxes

The reason I have been so quiet the last few days? See the pictures below. I cannot function without my computer, and so my parents lovingly provided a desk in the office for me to set up my computer and assorted items (scanner, printer, etc). I feel happy and content now.

Well, also happy because I’m home, and that is always good. Plus, my mother is one of the best cooks out there. Seriously. And she is good at a million other things too.

Now that I’m home, I promise I’ll try to think of more interesting and enlightened topics for my entries. I’ve got a few in the works.

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Moving time

Since I am moving back home on Friday for the summer, my dorm address is no longer valid. If you don’t have my summer address, please email me or leave a comment. My cell # is the same.

3 more finals and I’m done! whoohooo!

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There is some event going on over on the baseball fields. I hear drums and shouting. There is the wind screaming into my window and the roar of the highway 3 blocks away. Cars drive by on the street with windows open and bass thumping, and when the sun feels like it, it might just peek out from behind the clouds, granting us sunlight for a brief moment.

Every 15 minutes a bus goes by. “Number 8 Halsted, to 79th…” I can hear the announcement from my window, and then the bus squeals as it pulls out. The garbage truck backs up to the trash door of the dorms, beeping as it goes.

My roommate is washing dishes, mostly because I usually forget to wash them and she is kind enough to take over. The steady rushing sound of water fills the apartment and mixes in with other noises.

The wind chime that a friend sent me from Malaysia hangs by the window and sings when a gust blows in. Now rock music comes in from the fields and clashes with the chime.

Sometimes I miss the quiet, the sound of birds and the wind in trees instead of between buildings. But I really like knowing that the world is alive.

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chocolate factory

I love when the wind comes from the north, bringing with it the sweet smell of chocolate. There is a chocolate factory just a few miles north of the University, and when the wind is just right I can catch a whiff of it as I walk down the street.


When I cut open my left index finger years ago, my parents went and bought me chocolate. The one I remember best was the Toblerone bar they handed me…my finger was in stitches and a splint, but man, did that chocolate taste good!

A note for the unaware: Baha’i Distribution. Oh yes, you can buy Baha’i books online in the USA now!

(at a diner after Feast…)

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Today as I walked to the CCC (the union), there was a protest in full swing. On one side were the pro-lifers (Honk Once for Life), and on the other were the pro-choice folks (Honk Twice for Choice). I was on the phone, and had to not only dodge buses, cars, and other pedestrians like I normally do, but also the protestors with their signs. The cops looked bored and so did some of the protestors. I wish I had my camera.

The conference this weekend was a huge success. I want to thank EVERYONE who helped, and especially the other members of the Chicago Baha’i Youth Desk.

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