Beach Pictures

A purple house by the beach in Encinitas, CA…


I Heart The Beach

Sister Feet…we nearly fell over trying to take this one.

Expanse of Sand

Crashing pebbles…made fascinating noise!

Me! (shoes tied to my belt haha!)

I love the ocean…

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Traveling Saleswoman!

Well, not the “saleswoman” part quite yet, but I certainly am traveling. I went to the Socio-Economic Development conference in Orlando this past weekend, made some great networking connections and spent time with wonderful friends.

Image hosted by
(Stolen from one of my friends at the conference…a flower at our dinner table.)

Tonight I am off to Phoenix, Arizona for two weeks for a little vacation away from this horrible freezing weather. I’ll have my cell phone…can’t guarantee I’ll answer, but I’m mostly reachable. Love you all!

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