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Lincoln Park Zoo Greenhouse

There were voices coming out of the ferns! Seriously. Turns out it was some kind of “art”, but I was seriously disturbed for a little while there. For some reason, this picture looks like something from a sci-fi novel. Florescent…

The Opera

One of my roommates performed at the Lyric Opera’s “Don Giovanni”. She gave me a ticket to see it last week. The opera house is amazing. I had never been there before.

moving boxes

The reason I have been so quiet the last few days? See the pictures below. I cannot function without my computer, and so my parents lovingly provided a desk in the office for me to set up my computer and…

Moving time

Since I am moving back home on Friday for the summer, my dorm address is no longer valid. If you don’t have my summer address, please email me or leave a comment. My cell # is the same. 3 more…


There is some event going on over on the baseball fields. I hear drums and shouting. There is the wind screaming into my window and the roar of the highway 3 blocks away. Cars drive by on the street with…

chocolate factory

I love when the wind comes from the north, bringing with it the sweet smell of chocolate. There is a chocolate factory just a few miles north of the University, and when the wind is just right I can catch…


Today as I walked to the CCC (the union), there was a protest in full swing. On one side were the pro-lifers (Honk Once for Life), and on the other were the pro-choice folks (Honk Twice for Choice). I was…

A photo or two, a comment or two

“Don’t be fooled by the rocks that you got, she’s still, she’s still Sholeh from the BLOG. :-P” – Jeremy Thanks, Jer. Like I need more references to J-Lo. heh. 🙂 My train stop: The House of Worship at night.

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