Mawaige & Twue Wuv

julefeiring i tyskland link At the clinic today I went to the staff lounge to get some tea (my eyes were trying to close, and I had no toothpicks available to prop them open). Usually the lounge is quiet and empty…but I happened to walk in during the nurses’ lunch break.

louche rouge émaillée here Chaos! There were 9 nurses in a very small space…all between the ages of 35-60. These women are some of the sweetest, toughest, and sometimes scatterbrained people I’ve ever met. They help me decipher doctor’s handwriting and always say hello to me.

asterix og obelix at the olympics Well, when I walked in they were jovially ribbing one of the young male doctors (who is tall and good-looking, of course). This is pretty much how the conversation went:

bloemen op vaas there Nurse 1: “Are you married, doctor?”
Nurse 2: “No, he isn’t married.”
Nurse 1: “Not married, why not?! Are you dating someone?” leisten mit runden kanten Doctor grabs cup of coffee.
Nurse 3: “Yes, he is! Aren’t you, dear? How long has it been?”
Nurse 4: “Oh my, aren’t we something?”
malerier til salgs “One month.” -mumbled through a smile
Nurse 5: “oooh well we can’t interfere yet. We have to give it time.”
Nurse 6: “You ladies are just awful, awful! Stop harassing the poor man!”
schritte plus alpha zusatzmaterial check Doctor escapes with coffee in hand and embarrassed grin on his face.

varde sommerspil varde watch I was giggling the whole time. Poor guy…
Right now, I hear Jerry Springer on a television somewhere in the clinic. I’ve never SEEN a television here, so I don’t know where it is coming from.

mistet den ene tannen og fyllingen lenen ru groningen Ayyam-i-Ha Party @ my place Friday night, 8 pm. Bring your dancing shoes!

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