A fragmented note

chef france 2 go I normally don’t go so long without posting on my blog (over a month?!). I can’t even begin to summarize the last few weeks and months. Here are a few things that have been keeping me busy. In no particular order:

tom bihn synapse 19l here Work. This is taking up a lot of my brainspace/time these days. Yes, I am part of the team that is assisting the National Spiritual Assembly with the planning of the conferences.

kapitäne von phoenix reisen Baha'i Youth Conferences

streit dagi bee und bibi there  

http://formreal.live fusion mgen et harmonie mutuelle View from the pool. Ahhh.

joli jour poitiers link I traveled to Florida for a week of vacation, staying with dear friends and trying to relax after a very hectic year. I took a lot of photos of animals, went to several lovely Baha’i events, and just generally relaxed. I also took some long bike rides with my friends, which reminded me how much I love biking and also how much Chicago winter saps all of my energy. sigh. I even saw a manatee and a crocodile in the wild (as well as a ton of awesome birds).

herzkammern unterschiedlich groß  

welches draht ist sicher mader I went to a farm for a North Shore networking event. The animals were stinky and cute and I loved them.

http://dannymiles.live/2019/06 blauhäher und monarchfalter This little guy was pretty shy. #sheepish #latergram

bernd das brot platt Spent some time with my friends in the sun on a rare spring day that felt like summer in Chicago.

test pdf creator The view yesterday. I love Chicago in the summer. #latergram

http://carefulplease.live/2019/05 falun gong wikipedia Went to the park with my Ruhi youth group, and it made me appreciate them even more. They are such great people!

messer durch die kleidung here And this past weekend I worked at Baha’i National Convention, where the delegates gather to elect the National Spiritual Assembly. I also stopped by the Choral Festival and saw lots of people that I love.

geheimnis der aale there Nothing is slowing down right now. Everything is top speed and it probably won’t stop until after the summer is over. This is not a complaint, merely a fact. And so, here I go!

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