The month of Glory is up at Nineteen Months!

andropalace for pc If you haven’t already checked out the awesome photos over at Nineteen Months for the Baha’i month of Glory, I highly recommend that you do so right now.

place known as roof of the world check I’ll wait for you to do that before continuing. geostar stem cell ahmedabad Nineteen Month-Glory alkohol an jugendliche There are also some great articles on the subject of “Community”, and we’ll keep updating those throughout the month.

montre cdg lip I took the above photo in D.C., and have yet to upload the other photos that I took there. I’m working on it, there are a lot of other things going on right now. Keeping Nineteen Months going, family, friends, Holy Days, Baha’i National Convention coming up at work…not to mention all of the people and side projects I have to keep up with. It is great fun, but sometimes I just want to curl up on my couch and do absolutely nothing.

chartre ett helt fly Contrary to popular belief, there are times in which I actually do rest and let my mind take a break. It isn’t often, but I try to make that effort. There is just no way to be productive if I’m constantly running on empty or am stressed out.

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